Sampsons Quest 31.10.99 - 4.11.11.

At tweleve years of age, he went to Rainbow Bridge.

He gave us so much love friendship and happiness - he will remain in our hearts forever - A legendry Newfoundland.

Sampsons Quest came home with us at 6 weeks of age. We picked him from the litter due to his lovely markings and his great devilish character.

Sampson as a puppy:


Sampson always loved going on holiday. He was always at his best when we went to Wales and rented a cottage. The beaches at Tenby and Freshwater East were his favourites. Here he is on holiday in 2010:


Sampson always loved puppies, and when Prada arrived they were usually found together:


A typical Newfoundland Sampson loved to swim and here he is in the veteran swim at Ragley - 31st July 2010:


Sampson always loved children, and his natural ability to get children to love him was always evident. Here he is at The Guildford Christmas lights - November 2009:

When Sampson was 10 he had his very own birthday party!


The picture above is him enjoying his cake!