Owning a large breed dog is great..........but getting products for them can be hard. When we first got into the breed everyone seemed to have everything but no one seemed to be able to say where they got it from......so this page is us sharing what we like.

Water Items Human Wetsuits

We love the water work aspect of owning Newfoundlands! We like to buy good quality wetsuits but without the huge price tag given that they get marked and worn very quickly.

We use a company called LOMO and have found them to have a great service and good quality at a reasonable price.


We also search clearance stores etc - never pay a lot of money for a wetsuit as a Newfie claw can go through them as quick as a flash........Equally get one that fits snugly and will keep you warm! - If you are new to it, then maybe get a second hand one off ebay to start with - check you like it first!

DOG LIFE JACKETS / Working Harness

You should always work your dog in a life jacket / harness. This is for safety, and equally it is easier to train your dog that when their jacket / harness goes on this is work time.

We have found two types of Lifejacket that work for our dogs! The Roughwear one seems to work well for a big built Newfie (Tilly has this on below).

To see what it is google Ruffwear k-9 Float coat. If you shop around you get them at varying costs - the average is about £50

The Eziwear one suits our Twizzle better - he isn't as broad and this seems to have a more natural fit - also has less straps which we like as he loves to jump out of the boat!

Again shop around but to see them look at


They are normally between £40 and £50 As you can see below there is nothing in the way of a great jump! ?

We only use life jackets on our dogs where there is a reason eg Twizzle has had a leg injury, Tilly used to use one when she first started but if a dog is in their prime, and swimming well then we prefer a working harness.

Our favourite Water Harness has to be the working dog harness from USA, as there is just one strap and it is light weight but very strong. Tilly is wearing this below:

You can get these on ebay or from working dogs usa - if you can find a few of you then they may do you a deal on postage - prices range from £35 upwards.



In terms of carting harness, we have two types that we like:

Ozdog - Really light weight and easy to adjust, and they go in the washing machine! (ozdoguk@googlemail.com):

A more recent design is from a friend and I will happily pass anyone onto her if you email me (squestpaws@me.com).

Her design is made in neoprene, and is shown below on Prada:


We use two types. For our young dogs we use Gilpa and we mix Meditteranean and Kennel. We find this is reasonable priced and yet the quality for their overall health is excellent. We use Doorstepfood for this.

For our older dogs we use a slimline food from Pooch and co



My favourite shampoo and conditioner is Double K I love the Double K spray