Having been in the breed for circa 20 years, Phil decided to set up a training club for large and giant breeds. All sessions are one to one in rural settings. Please see below for more details.
Having seen so many large and giant breed dogs being walked on halti's, or not being walked at all because owners felt that they could not handle them, Phil decided to set up a training and grooming club.

Everything we do is tailored to the dog in hand, and all training is reward based.

Below are some of the services offered but if you would like "something else" please do ask...........Phil will accommodate as much as possible.

General lead walking - walking to heel and enjoying country walks with your dog

Recall training - in the woods with distractions

Walking off lead around lakes without going in

Getting used to Deer Pheasants and other wild life whilst walking

Nose work

Carting sessions / Draught work

Water work one to one sessions

Assisted grooming

Learn how to groom your dog yourself sessions

Teach your children how to interact with your dog

Dog grooming for young people / children

Assisted bath and groom

Show grooms

Show work