When we first got a Newfoundland it was very hard to get help and advice on grooming. So here is some of the help that we found useful!
First off, this page is only "our experience" - we are not trained groomers and this is just us sharing what we found - not advice!

When we first set off, we really didn't have a clue, so below are just some hints and tips that we have found useful over the years!

The MUST Have items!
If you had nothing else, we really would say the two most useful tools that we found are a slicker brush and a wide tooth comb!.

What can we say you can pay hundreds of pounds for scissors - yet unless you know what you are doing with them its wasted! We were really lucky - we were guided to some ebay sellers and you can pick up some great scissors for under 20. As you get better and when purse strings allow you will want to upgrade!

So what helps you keep your Newfie looking fabulous!

Thinning Scissors:

Most people use half thinning scissors. I was really nervous when I started cutting so I used double thinning scissors to make sure that I didn't leave too many lines - I stll use double's more than half!

You can use these whereever you like - just cut the same line as the fur and you will be fine!

Face/ Feet etc - rounded ended Scissors.
It is important that you keep the fur under your dogs feet short, as otherwise you can affect their grip. Use a rounded end scissor.

If you want to be able to shave your Newfie down, or if your Newfe is a pet and thus you are not showing a great pair of clippers is essential - quick and easy to keep your dog looking in shape! We like the Oster double speed ones.