This page is dedicated to links to sites that we really like......We hope you do too!
Our first link is to "Sheridel". We are delighted to be able to recommend this as a great site. Our thanks always goes to Hedd and Del, who have always been on hand to offer help and advice over the years:

Kim Farr and Dave Turner bred our Tilly Tot and Prada and we are delighted to share their website with you:

We are delighted to be associated with:

Our friends have a great Holiday cottage and bed and breakfast, and we are proud to know them (Prada and Cheryl had a great time there):

If you would like photos of your dog we recommend:

When we first got into working Newfies, we didn't have a clue where to purchase a cart from. We have met Darryl and Lynda and can recommend them for your training cart:

We are also pleased to direct people to: