Twizzle 2004 - 27th April 2014
Twizzle came to us in 2008. He arrived a somewhat underweight Newfoundland at just 40KG, he had no clue what to do on a lead, and had very little in the way of manners, and he was named "Dave". Having had several homes, we decided that he needed a new name for his new start in life. Given his somewhat spindles for legs, he soon became "Twizzle" and in later years this was often "Twiz Whizz".
Our love for Twizzle new no bounds. He taught us so much. He found lots of things frightening, and just too much for him.
However, we learnt how to read his body language and we made certain that he was never put in a position to get it wrong.
Sampson and Tilly taught him manners, and later Prada became his companion and play mate. He even accepted visiting dogs, and would regularly share his bed with his friend Nala.
Twizzle loved to work for his Dad. He enjoyed leaping from boats the most, and his last ever jump was televised on the BBC programme Escape to the Country.
We loved sharing our lives with Twizzle and he will remain forever in our hearts.
Please enjoy his pictures below.