Bloat - Gastric Dilatation- Volvulus Gastric Dilatation-Volvulous is a condition usually found in large dogs where the stomach fills with gas and fluid and twists on itself. Untreated dogs usually die very quickly.
This page does not aim to talk about bloat etc - you can google that as much as you wish to. These are just some practical steps that we take to minimise the risks.

Daily - After each meal our Newfoundland's have a charcoal biscuit with manuka honey on top. The charcoal serves to absorb and release any extra gas, and the manuka honey serves to build up good bacteria in the gut. They get one with honey on and one without honey after each meal.

Daily feeding - We feed two kibble sizes in each meal with differing absorption rates. Research has shown that dogs who are fed two sizes and two textures are less at risk of bloat. So each meal has two kibble sizes and two textures e.g. a bit of sardines / cheese / tuna as a topper (a very small amount)

Once our dogs are over 10 years of age we use a very small amount of protexin on each meal, again to build up good bacteria in the gut.

We always keep a pack of windeze gel capsules in our dog first aid kit so that if the need arises we can get one in them quickly.

If Bloat is suspected (eg hard stomach, filling up / dilating) get to a VET without delay.