Just like us dogs do have "off days", and if they have been swimming in lakes or sniffing in new areas a little bit of sickness and diarrhoea can happen
Sickness / Diarrhoea should never be ongoing so if not cleared very quickly a trip to the vet is a must!

However, if you know what may have caused it, you can help your dog quickly.

I know that swimming in lakes will possibly loosen their stools, so after each training session they all have some made up "smash" in their food. Powdered mash potato has a high starch content and so helps to clear up diarrhoea quickly if for these reasons.

We keep Laxido sachets in our dog first aid kit, as if we are away camping this is like us taking a Dioralyte, to rehydrate and replace salts etc - we only use pet Laxido never human drugs.

When we change water or are camping etc We use pearl barley in our dogs water just in case they pick up any infection this flushes anything through and cannot harm them. We soak some pearl barley in a cup of water and then add the cup of water to their bowls. This seems to keep them very healthy and happy!

It is all about knowing your dog and understanding why they might have loose stools or be under the weather. Nothing can replace a visit to the vet if you are worried.