We are very lucky to share our lives with our Newfies
Our dogs cannot be with us forever, but they can certainly make many everlasting memories.

We have been so lucky to share our lives with Sampsons Quest, Harvey Twizzle & Kalibah Icicle - Tilly tot.

Sampson was 12 years of age when he passed over the rainbow, and had led a very full Newfoundland Life.

Harvey was just six years of age when he made his journey over the rainbow. Harvey came to us when he was two years of age. Unfortunately he had Leukaemia, and despite chemotherapy and the very best care he lost his fight in 2007.

Twizzle was approx. 10 years of age, and whilst his start in life was difficult, he came to us and led a full active Newfoundland life. He loved to work, and enjoyed water work and carting. However, having had TPLO operations on both back legs we retired him from carting early, but he continued to leap from boats, and his last ever jump was televised on the BBC programme Escape to the Country.

All of our boys filled our lives with happiness.

Our gorgeous first ever Lady, was Tilly tot. She came to us as a rehome from her breeder at 3 1/2 years of age. She stole our heart. She passed away peacefully in her sleep at 12 years of age. She started our love of the Kalibah kennel. Tilly was a very special lady who will always be missed and stays in our heart. Like Twizzle she featured heavily on escape to the country.

Please enjoy their pages, which are here to celebrate their lives.