Christmas is a great time in our house. All Newfies have their very own present to unwrap and all of them have one to one time to do so.
We thought we would share some Christmas snaps with you, but before we do, we thought we would just place a couple of reminders here:

1) Pines from real trees can hurt your dogs paws, so an artificial tree is safer and more economical!

2) Newfie tails do remove decorations - so plastic non shatter ones are best

3) Chocolates are a temptation for Newfies as well as humans so help your waistline and save any issues from chocolate poisoning by not having them on the tree! (and care re presents under it).

4) Teach your Newfie to respect your tree and decorations in year one and you don't need to compromise!.......Enjoy!

A Landseer should have a Landseer Tree!