Kalibah Icicle - Tilly Tot 4.12.2003 - 21.12.20 Tilly came to us when she was three years of age. We had just lost our dear Harvey and Sampson needed a pal. We are eternally grateful to Kim Farr and Dave Turner for allowing Tilly to move in with us - she is very special, and a joy to own and share our lives with.
Tilly Tot, was one of the most gentle Newfoundlands that we have ever met.

Tilly Tot was a fabulous ambassador for the Newfoundland breed, and we miss her terribly.

She loved Children, Swimming and attention. Her markings were so special and let her character shine through.

Tilly's favourite activity was swimming. However, she also did very well at Carting and Obedience.

Tilly achieved Leval A and B waterwork and Level 1 and 2 Carting.

She was the recipient of The Tasha Trophy in 1998.

Here is Tilly Carting in a display:

Here Tilly does a lovely rescue in a display:

Tilly enjoys the snow 2010

Winter fun weekend in Bo-Peep Feb 2010

Tilly is now a veteran and here she is waiting for The veteran swim:

Tilly's natural ability and great temperament is what enabled us to get mre involved with the working elements of the breed.....we love it and so do all our dogs.