Prada....(Kalibah Got Talent). Prada was born on 24th April 2010 and arrived home with us on 17th July 2010. The newest addition to the SQuest Paws pack! We are very priviledged to have Prada, and our thanks goes to Kim Farr and Dave Turner.  
Until we got Prada, we had never been involved with showing dogs. We wanted to have a full appreciation of activities which can be enjoyed with our dogs and so we decided to give it a go!

Prada in a display at Hever Castle 2015

March 2011...........CRUFTS
At just 10 Months of age Prada went to crufts. It was my first time to show a dog at Crufts and we had a truely memorable day. Here are some pictures:

Prada is a very sociable dog, and loves to go on holiday. Like all of the SQUEST PAWS Pack West Wales is a favourite!